TERDOOR PRODUCTS – door leaves, frames, hinges, cross-sections

We made visualizations of interiors and products made by the Interdoor company – graphic designs presenting products, cross-sections and various advertising views in a photo-realistic way. More than 180 high resolution visualizations for print, including those of door leaves, skirting boards, door cross-sections, hinges and other accessories.

In addition, we created over 20 arrangements and visualizations of interiors showing the Interdoor door leaves.

The projects were used, among other things, in 30,000 copies of the 2013 product catalogue.

drzwi wizualizacja siatka.3D jpg3D visualization of the door leaf in print quality along with a partial preview of 3D computer graphics grid.

grafika 3dCatalogue visualizations of door leaves in different scaleboar types.

wizualizacje interdoor2Cross-sections, views of accessories and graphic visualizations of various varieties of skirting boards.

listwz q2 copy3D graphics – presentation of shapes of skirting boards on Interdoor offer.

zawas drzw model grafiki 3dComputer graphics model before completing final surface materials and lighting on the left. On the right side two varieties of the final hinge visualization in different wood varieties.

3D visualizations – architectural visualization featuring Interdoor products in a printed catalogue, online publication and other advertising materials. We created high resolution product visualizations with the division into different door leaf styles. Each of the models presented in the visualization was created in several material variants – with various scaleboard types available on manufacturer’s offer.

wizualizacje skrzydeł drzwi

Computer 3D graphics presenting the leaves of Interdoor doors. Visualization projects published in an advertising catalogue.

wizualizacje skrzydeł drzwi interdoor3

wizualizacja skrzydła drzwi interdoor

We prepared a series of 3D interior designs for the purposes of publication in both printed product catalogues and online presentation.

projekt wnętrza- grafika 3dGraphic visualizations of interiors presenting a 3-metre-high door.

wizualizacje graficzne wnetrzaDesign of a bathroom entrance with a rotating door.

wnętrze 3d, reklama skrzydła drzwi

wizualizacje wnętrz , projekty wizualizacji reklamowej

projekt wnętrza i wizualizacja 3d

wizualizacja wnętrza interdoor 5

wizualizacje wnętrz - kuchnia