Scenery Visualization

On the launch of the exclusive “Esquire” magazine into the Polish market we had the pleasure to design and prepare graphic visualizations of the scenery. The projects show the interiors of Matejko room at the Warsaw Zachęta Gallery. Visualization views are available here.

The idea was to divide the whole room into 2 parts from which one was painted white with overhead illumination with stage reflectors. The other half of the room was black. There was a presentation of posters with covers on both sides of the walls and in the centre there were pylons with historical covers of the magazine Esquire which could be lit. Our event visualizations of the scenery present a concept of the room arrangement. The project and visualizations were accomplished together with the Holo creative boutique.

wizualizacje wnętrz i architektura

Esquire polska premiera 2 widok siatki 2

 wizualizacje wnętrz esquire

Esquire polska premiera 1

wizualizacje wnętrz 3d

Projekt i wizualizacje zrealizowane wspólnie z butikiem kreatywnym Holo.