Sales Support – POS

A promotional line of articles supporting sales in the shops and supermarkets was elaborated in cooperation with the creative HOLO boutique. We made projects and solutions distinguishing the Tiger energy drink on shop shelves. We elaborated the design, made projects and demonstrative graphic visualizations of solutions promoting the Tiger energy drink. We designed standalone illuminated promotional stands, coolers for Tiger in drinks for brave and strong hearts, shelf ends for supermarkets, cardboard stands, shelf liners and many other interesting ideas to support the brand in its in-store promotion.

kompleksowe rozwiazania pos - modelight

Sales support – POS projects and visualizations showing articles promoting the Tiger brand, a proposal of space arrangement of store shelves.

zbiorczy siatka

View of graphic grid of the objects designed to promote the Tiger brand.

energy drink Tiger cooler

Graphic visualization of the cooler for Tiger cans and alcohol.

cooler na puszki i wodke 1Graphic visualization of another cooler version for sets for drinks.

pos w polce

Our project how to arrange a shelf in a hypermarket, designs of advertising strips, shelfstoppers and advertising display with Tiger products.

stand promocyjny wizualizacjaIlluminated advertising display for Tiger energy drinks in various flavors.

stand na nodze na 4 kubiki 1 puszka

pos stoper na puszke2

pos stoper na puszke

koncowka regalu pos

stand tiger kartonowy 2

Cardboard display for products

display pos Tiger

display na polke Tiger

A few years back, we designed a series of POS solutions for the Tymbark brand.

We designed and made graphic visualizations of POS advertising stands. We made projects together with a description of the production technology of different solutions which support sales for the Tymbark brand.

zabudowa regału produktowego posThese solutions included designs of coffers, extensible advertising strips, advertising baloons, shelfstoppers and shelf ends.

tymbark kaseton 2 posm

Design of the coffer in the shape of the Tymbark logo.

listwy reklamowe maspex

kaseton tymbark sok pos

Graphic design of an illuminated advertising coffer.