Product Visualization – INLIGHT LAMPS

The task that we received from the client consisted in creating a base of 3D graphic models of products to be shared online with designers and architects. We made visualizations of products, lamps produced by the Inlight company on the basis of the photographs and technical drawings obtained from the client there were. We created graphic models of lamps and their advertising visualizations. Besides that, files with models adjusted for edition in design programmes can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website by architects and designers.

While creating graphic models, we also made visualizations of products from the “Sotto Luce” collection, graphic visualizations of suspension lamps, floor lamps, halogen designs and other solutions available in the offer of Inlight.

lampa 3

grafika komputerowa wizualizacja produktu

View of a halogen together with a preview of 3D graphics grid.

wizualizacjea halogenu

The final quality of halogen visualization for print in the client’s promotional materials.

wizualizacje produktów halogeny

Ume wizualizacje produktowe lampy2

wiyualiyacje graficyne lamp

wizualizacja graficzna produktu lampy

wizualizacje produktow lampy