Product Animation – Castorama TV adversitment

We made a series of TV commercials promoting products available in the chain of Castorama shops. First of all, we elaborated a 3D visualization showing products in the interiors that the client used for publication in product spots.

We produce animation, visualization and graphic animations for promotional TV spots or for the purposes of sponsored billboards. Below we present a few examples of our 3D animations as well as static views showing selected stages of how the graphic projects were made.

Our task was to elaborate the concept and the actual TV product spot to advertise a door leaf. The project of graphics was made wholly in 3D graphic visualization. We made a project of the interiors and animation for the spot advertising a door leaf available in Castorama. We created the screenplay, presentation storyboard, a couple of different visualizations of the interiors for the client as well as the final advertisement.

A project of a corridor in a modern block of flats was selected from the suggestions which we came up with. Then a detailed 3D visualization of the door leaf was made together with a 15-second advertising animation, demonstrating major advantages of the product in a dynamic way.

animacje reklamowe 3d, Castorama spot tv drzwi

castorama drzwi wizualizacja 3d4

animacje reklamowe, castorama drzwi wizualizacja 3d

Another challenge was to develop an advertising spot for bathroom gres tiles. Together with the accomplishment of advertising graphic animation we prepared a screenplay, storyboard and projects of interior design and visualizations of the bathroom interiors in a few varieties from which the client chose one for the final advertisement.

The final TV spot for bathroom gres tiles was created on the basis of the version selected. The deadline was rather tight for the whole production, including the creation of the storyboard, screenplay, models and several bathroom visualization. We had only 10 working days for creating and completing the advertising animation. Below there are selected projects of visualizations of interiors that were made in the process of making the animation.

Castorama gress 3

animacje reklamowe 3d, Animacja grafiki 3D do spotu TV reklama gresu castorama spot tv

lazienka koncept 5_2b

We prepared a series of graphic designs and 3D animation projects for TV commercials and other advertising publications such as large format billboards.

animacje reklamowe 3dGraphics advertising a loan available in the chain of shops.

animacje reklamowe 3d, wełna mineralna wizualizacja poddasze castorama

3D visualization used for an animated spot advertising mineral wool for insulating buildings which is available in Castorama.

TV commercial prepared entirely in 3D animation technology. Presentation of a set of kitchen furniture available in the Castorama chain.

wizualizacja wnetrza do animacji CastoramaVisualization of kitchen interiors with a set of furniture which can be bought in Castorama. The accomplished graphic design of the kitchen interiors, visualization for billboards and animation for the TV spot.

animacje reklamowe Interior design for an advertisement promoting electric tools in Castorama.″ width=”900″ height=”478″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>

animacje reklamowe 3D, spoty produktowe animowane

A selected frame of visualization of interiors prepared for a TV commercial of different door leaves available in Castorama.