Graphic visualizations of interiors. In collaboration with the Meblik furniture factory ( we created a series of graphic views of furniture for advertising publications in printed catalogues and website services. We also made a screenplay for a TV billboard presenting a set of furniture for youth from the LOL collection in a dynamic animated form. We made graphic models of the LOL furniture and a 3D animation which shows folding furniture and the interiors. The animation was broadcast in popular TV channels in the form of sponsored billboards.

We created high resolution graphic visualizations of furniture for presentation on websites.
For the purposes of the project, we elaborated visualizations that replace a traditional product photo session. We also prepared the interiors demonstrating sets of furniture.

wizualizacja wnetrz - meble meblik LOL

3D computer graphic visualization. The interiors show a set of furniture from the LOL collection by Meblik.

siatka wnetrza

View of 3D graphic grid without materials and final illumination of the interiors.

wizualziacja mebli LOL, grafika 3d

Computer graphics view of a set of the LOL furniture in the collective presentation showing the set against a neutral white background – a catalogue presentation.

wizualizacja mebli LOL pojedyncze bryły

The set of furniture shown against a neutral white background – furniture visualizations replacing traditional photo sessions. Preparing this type of graphics is cheaper than organizing a photo session and it gives you complete control over colour, surface texture and product presentation method.

wizualizacje mebli fcb zbiorczy

Furniture visualizations in single views. Catalogue presentation against a neutral white background.
 wizualizacje wnętrz i architekturaComputer graphic visualizations make it possible to show the product in a specially designed interiors, in any colour variety. The project, arrangement and visualization of the interiors with furniture under the license from FC Barcelona. We created a design and graphic visualization of the interiors for a young fan.

wizualizacja wnetrza mebli xgreen

Computer graphic project. Website presentation – interiors with furniture from the X-green collection by Meblik.

wizualizacja mebli X green widok zbiorczy 4General view of graphic visualization of a set of furniture from the X-green collection.