Furniture visualizations

The KK Meble company producing furniture commissioned us to create advertising visualizations of furniture – computer graphics of elements of a set of furniture and their advertising visualizations showing products in different scaleboard types.

The resulting bodies of furniture were prepared in different colours or surface texture. The graphics are used by KK Meble for advertising purposes in online publications and brochures, leaflets and company catalogues. We also prepared an interior design and a visualization of the interiors with the furniture, which makes a complete set of presentation in the client’s catalogue.

As part of the collaboration with producers and designers of furniture and other elements of design, we make high quality projects of computer graphics for advertising and presentation purposes as well as for films and animated advertisements.

In the case of new products we can prepare visualizations of furniture of photographic quality on the basis of sketches or reference drawing as well as basic measurements and photographs showing the colours of elements. Before the prototype of the given furniture is made, we enable the client to see it as visualization or in the form of animation from every angle and in any colour and material. If necessary, a set of furniture prepared in a graphic form may be presented in virtual interiors especially designed for the concrete furniture set. Visualizations of furniture collections in interiors are designed according to our own creative concepts and space arrangement or on the basis of the client’s suggestions, recommendation or guidelines. Our visualizations of furniture and interiors can be used for online advertising, advertisements in trade product catalogues or advertising animations.

wizualizacja wnętrza z meblami

Project, design and 3D visualization of interiors with a set of Vertigo scaleboard furniture.

widok siatki 3d wnętrza

Editable version view of 3D graphics of a visualization project.

graficzna wizualizacja 3d produktu

Product visualization – furniture and preview of a 3D furniture model graphic grid.

meble wizualizacja graficzna kk mebleGraphic visualizations of single furniture pieces and a close-up view of the selected element from the set of furniture in Sanremo scaleboard.

meble wizualizacje graficzne

Visualization of furniture from the Fresco collection, the target set includes several furniture models.

meble wizualizacja graficzna kk meble2

Graphic visualization of furniture from a set in Sonoma scaleboard.

meble wizualizacje flexi

Furniture visualizations from the Flexi set in Sunremo Rustic scaleboard. We prepared 3D graphic models and visualizations of extensible furniture allowing to select the width.

meble wizualizacja graficzna kk meble23

Furniture visualizations from the Vertigo set. Several selected graphics show the set elements in catalogue presentation against a neutral background.

wizualizacje zestawu mebli