CNC plotter transformation into a robot

3D advertising animation: Our task was to prepare graphics showing transformation of a CNC plotter into a transformer. The whole transformation is shown in night illumination in the interiors of a virtual production and storage hall.

First of all, a detailed 3D model of every single machine element was made on the basis of the obtained photo documentation, showing the device from different sides.
Having combined the elements into one complete device and attributing to them suitable surface materials, or the so-called textures, we prepared a series of graphic visualizations showing the machine against a neutral background from different angles in different varieties of illumination and also in different positions in the space so that the client could assess whether the plotter looks like the original. The 3D graphics below present different views of test visualizations as well as a preview of the body in a version without the target colours of the plotter, the interiors and the final figure of the robot.

The following stage consisted in planning the appearance of the robot after the transformation. Planning and creating the robot figure composed of CNC plotter parts appeared to be a real challenge. After accomplishing the creative concept of the robot and preparing test visualizations showing the figure in different variations and from different angles, we prepared the interiors for the animation. We made interiors of a production and storage hall and views showing the machines as well as the robot in different stages of 3D transformation.
After making the illumination and many test views of graphic visualizations a decision was made with regard to showing the process of transformation together with changing illumination –  turning the lights on in the interiors of the hall.

Despite the fact that the whole final sequence of animation was to be shown in night light, we also prepared views of the robot in day light. Each element of the machine construction and the robot were represented exactly as a graphic model so that it looked just as the real device.
We planned separate shots of virtual cameras, coming up with an animatic demonstrating in a technical way the movement of objects in the process of transformation and the movement of virtual cameras to be approved of by the client.
Once we got the client’s approval, we prepared all shots as well as animation sequences of the transformation and rendering of animation frames.
The final stage of the production involved cutting, adding special effects, colour postproduction and sound production.

animacje reklamowe , plater cncVisualization of the interiors of the production hall together with the CNC machine and post-transformation robot.

technology visualization 3dView of graphic bodies before preparing the final textures and giving colours to 3D graphic models.

animacja reklamowa 3d, 3d animation transformer CNCClose-up of virtual 3D camera in the time of transformation when the CNC plotter rises.

animacje reklamowe , Transformers 3d CNC visualizationGraphic visualization of the plotter, showing the device against a neutral background.

Transformers 3d CNC visualization clay

 3d graphics transformer CNC mesh

animacje reklamowe ,3d animation graphics transformer CNC

3d robot model transformer CNC gray mesh

 animacje reklamowe , Robot CNC 3d model 3d mesch view

Widok graficznej siatki pokazującej poszczególne bryły z których zbudowany jest robot powstały z części plotera

animacje reklamowe 3dWidok w oświetleniu słonecznym , scena przed rozpoczęciem transformacji w robota

animacje reklamowe , wizualizacje wnetrza ploter cnc

animacje reklamowe , Transformer Kaast interior 3d vis

cnc 3d visualization robot

 3d robot model hand

Poniżej wizualizacje różnych odmian robota które powstały podczas tworzenie brył i opracowania koncepcji kreatywnej wyglądu maszyny.

Robot 3d visualization 17

CNC transformer

3d robot model transformer CNC

3d model robot z plotera cnc

Robot CNC 3d model