Our task was to size up each pattern precisely, create its counterpart in the form of 3D computer graphics and develop advertising visualizations for print and online publication.

We received over 100 different earrings and other items from the offer of Blomdahl hypoallergenic jewellery. Due to its small size and the necessity of perfect presentation of product shapes and appearance, the client decided on advertising views in the form of 3D computer graphics. Making a traditional photo session is very difficult for this type of product as earrings tend to be small and even with suitable photographic equipment it is possible to see dust and other minor impurities invisible to the naked eye.

In advertising presentations, especially in the case of jewellery, imperfect look is out of the question. 3D graphics offer many more possibilities of perfect product demonstrations in unrestricted digital quality to be printed in any format. Having made the models, or bodies, and giving them suitable materials, or so the called textures, we prepared dedicated graphic scenes and visualizations showing earrings against a neutral white background, exposing them in an advertising manner.

Below there are examples of final visualizations and some demonstrative views of graphic bodies without textures where the 3D model grid is visible before it was finally completed.

Alongside the product visualization we also created an animation of a 360 degree rotation of one of the earring designs.

15-1472-00 serca srebro3 different views of the earring visualization.

kolczyki wizualizacje 3d siatkaGraphic model, a body, which was visualized in print quality upon giving it materials, textures and proper lighting.

wizualizacja bizuterii blomdahl 2

kolczyki wizualizacja graficzna 3dVisualization of 3 varieties of one of the earring designs.

kolczyki wizualizacja 3dPreview of the computer graphics grid.


3D computer animation of an earring.

wizualizacje biżuterii 3d

kolczyki w wizualizacji 3d

wizualizacje biżuterii blomdahl 5We developed graphic models of more than 120 different jewellery designs whose 3D visualizations were used in the client’s promotional materials.

wizualizacje 3d kolczyków

kolczyki perly wizualization 3d

wizualizacja graficzna kolczyków