Animation of aircraft towing automatic system

animacje reklamowe 3d

We accomplished a graphic animation of the automatic aircraft towing system with the support of its designer, initiator and inventor. Our task was to develop 3D models, visualizations of individual elements, sketches for the patent as well as making the animation which demonstrates the construction, principle of operation and advantages of the system.

The modular construction of the system allows for any configuration and construction of the network transporting airplanes from the end of the runway upon landing to the terminal or to the hangar in a fully automatic way. The automatic aircraft towing system consists of concrete modules which may be placed in any place of the airport. Combining straight sections with turning modules or crossings allows to build a transport network on the area of the whole airport. Individual modules are powered by electric engines controlled remotely from the airport control tower by means of a specially designed computer system.

3 electric engine visualizationThe visualization shows a single engine attached to each concrete module type.

4 b wizualizacje 3d prosty modul holowania samolotuA simple module of the towing system together with the engine.

5 beton curve module airplane transport 3d visualization

Turning module of the towing system together with the engine.

7 airplane transpoer visualization road switch, animacja reklamowa 3d

3D graphic visualization of scheme of points allowing to change the direction of airplane towing.

8 airplane transportation visualization road switch, animacje 3d

A close-up of the points showing the principle of operation in a simplified form.

holownik samolotowy, animacja reklamowa 3d

Visualization of an airplane towing electric truck.

planes ant tower communication 3d visualization 2

Visualization showing schematically indicated communication signals between the control tower and individual tugs.

planes ant tower communication 3d visualization zoom3

Visualization from the bird’s eye view of an airplane towed in the transport network.

airport visualization top view

View of an airplane with an example automatic transport network.