On the commission of the Allegro company we made a 3D spatial graphic model of a notebook from Asus, visualizations and animations of a 15-second spot promoting the launch of a new computer via the Allegro service. The result was a product spot – an animation demonstrating the computer’s major advantages.

laptop 3d visualization

asus commercial

During our collaboration with Allegro we prepared a high resolution graphic visualizations for advertising campaigns, large-format billboard print and online publication.

Allegro’s advertising campaign entitled “Dla odmiany-Otodom” (For a change-Otodom). Graphic creations present a cushion with moss and forest undergrowth, a wiper on which fresh spring grass grows, and key-shaped twigs. Graphic visualizations were printed in a large format and  presented on billboards during a nationwide campaign.

otodom dla odmiany wycieraczka 10

Visualization of the wiper from which the spring grass grows. The project created in 100% in the form of 3D computer graphics.

otodom dla odmiany poduszka 2

Design and visualization of a cushion covered with moss and forest undergrowth.

otodom dla odmiany klucz 2Graphic visualization of a key-shaped spring twig.

We also made for the Allegro brand a graphic model of the DAF tractor unit as well as car branding in colours and graphics of Allegro. Below 3D visualizations of the car and a view of the car without the final materials, or textures, a preview of the 3D graphic grid.

Daf untextured visualization 3d

Tir allegro grafika 3d

wizualizacja ciagnika DAF

wizualizacja samochodu3D visualization and sample photo-composition of computer graphics model and background photographs.

For the spring advertising campaign “Tędy idą trendy” (Trend Directions) we have prepared 3D models and visualizations of objects for photo-compositions with a traditional photo session. Below are examples of graphic visualization of a bike against a neutral background and a final view together with the photograph.

rower 3dtst rower bialy KV1_KONTRAST

The advertising campaign contained many interesting compositions of our graphics with studio photographs prepared on the commission of Allegro in cooperation with the Aliganza agency.

fotokomposition 3d allegro 1

3d visualization and photo allegro

3d visualization and photo 6

3d photocomposition allegro

3d and photo wisualization

We also prepared a series of graphic projects for banners promoting books in the Allegro service.

książka 3d wizualizacja widok siatkiView of a partial grid of 3D graphic models and the final project look.

banery Allegro finalne kreacjeFinal creations for banner advertising.