The task was to prepare an animated television commercial, the so-called sponsored billboard. We made 3D graphic models of their visualizations as well as an advertising animation on the basis of photographs and measurements of the watch. Below there are a few visualizations showing the watch in different photographs.

wizualizacje zegarka doxa 2

wizualizacja zegarka doxa5

studio animacji 3dBoth computer graphics and the final effect, which is a 3D visualization, are done step by step. First, we work on the bodies of objects, then we give them suitable surface materials, or the so-called textures, and we prepare a virtual stage for the presentation. As in the case of traditional photography, the product must be accordingly lit and set in space, the frame and view of virtual camera must be selected. After matching all the elements and preparing test views, every product can be showed from any angle and in unlimited digital resolution, in different colours and material varieties or, for example, in a cross-section. Graphic visualizations can be used for print advertising which ranges from the simplest leaflets to large-format printouts.

zegarki doxa wizualizacja 3d

Visualization of both watches to be found in our advertising animation.