3D visualizations

Find out about our graphic designs. We create realistic visualizations of objects and products

In Modelight we create computer graphics of photographic quality, the so-called 3D graphic visualizations. We offer product visualizations as a cheaper alternative to product photo sessions. Preparation of product visualizations consists in creating a body of graphic product spatial model, giving it suitable colors and surface texture so that the final product looks like real. 3D product models can be created on the basis of photographs of already existing products, technical drawings or sketches allowing to represent correctly how the object looks from each side.
One advantage of product visualization over a traditional photo session is the possibility of creating views in any unrestricted digital quality, presenting products from different sides, in different colour shades, materials or in cross section. We are capable of preparing demonstration visualizations on the basis of just a sketch or picture, showing every idea, including even unreal ones which exist only in the designer’s imagination. 3D visualization allows to introduce changes to the designed objects at each stage of creation.

Our 3D visualizations can be used for printing in catalogues, presentation in website services, publication in books or textbooks or in the animated for as advertisements.

We will be happy to prepare advertising visualizations of your products.

3D dental visualizations of implants

The Almadent dental studio commissioned us to prepare a series of product visualizations. We prepared visualization views showing titanium implants in different material and color varieties. The visualizations were elaborated in every detail and their graphic visualizations were created in the resolution allowing for large…

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CNC plotter transformation into a robot

3D advertising animation: Our task was to prepare graphics showing transformation of a CNC plotter into a transformer. The whole transformation is shown in night illumination in the interiors of a virtual production and storage hall. First of all, a detailed 3D model of every…

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Animation of aircraft towing automatic system

We accomplished a graphic animation of the automatic aircraft towing system with the support of its designer, initiator and inventor. Our task was to develop 3D models, visualizations of individual elements, sketches for the patent as well as making the animation which demonstrates the construction,…

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Product Animation – Castorama TV adversitment

We made a series of TV commercials promoting products available in the chain of Castorama shops. First of all, we elaborated a 3D visualization showing products in the interiors that the client used for publication in product spots. We produce animation, visualization and graphic animations…

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We cooperate with the FLOWAIR company (http://www.flowair.com/pl/), a well-known expert in economical heating and ventilation of medium and large-volume facilities, manufacturer of water heaters, air curtains, curtain heaters and heat recovery units. In the process of our long-term collaboration we prepared different 3D graphics projects,…

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3D animation of Canpol Bottle

3d animated film. A promotional video featuring the benefits of the new Canpol anti-colic bottle for babies was shot in collaboration with a business friend, the Chillgroup’s film studio. The Haberman bottle for babies is a revolutionary solution which allows to reduce the colic effect…

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3D drill graphic animation

Animation of product – drills, prepared in 3D graphics technology. We make computer graphics of photographic quality – animated films in 3D visualization technology. An animation of the drill is an example of product presentation in the form of 3D graphics with a preview of…

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The Miretto company offers high quality children’s and youth furniture characterized by interesting and original design. In the brand’s portfolio there are a few collections which differ in style, colours and decorative elements. As part of our collaboration with the Miretto company we prepare quality…

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On the commission of the Allegro company we made a 3D spatial graphic model of a notebook from Asus, visualizations and animations of a 15-second spot promoting the launch of a new computer via the Allegro service. The result was a product spot – an…

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Our task was to size up each pattern precisely, create its counterpart in the form of 3D computer graphics and develop advertising visualizations for print and online publication. We received over 100 different earrings and other items from the offer of Blomdahl hypoallergenic jewellery. Due…

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