3D Medical animation

Graphic medical animation – presentation of the construction and principles of operation of a machine used for separation of blood elements.
The blood is split by the Angel machine into individual constituents which are then transported to separate containers.

Separated blood constituents are used in medicine for, among other things, accelerating the process of wound healing. We have completed the first part of the animation showing basic elements of the machine construction and the method of assembling the system for sending blood. We are working on the following parts in which we will demonstrate not only the construction and functions of the machine, but also the whole process of splitting blood into fractions.

Below there are some examples of visualization of the device in the different moments of work.

maszyna wybrane klatki0001

maszyna do krwi HD 2

3d untextured model

View of the graphic model before giving it the final materials and appearance.

maszna do krwi HD 1

Angel medical 3d visualization2Angel medical 3d visualization

zoom 2

zoom 1


maszyna wybrane klatki0379