We cooperate with the FLOWAIR company (http://www.flowair.com/pl/), a well-known expert in economical heating and ventilation of medium and large-volume facilities, manufacturer of water heaters, air curtains, curtain heaters and heat recovery units. In the process of our long-term collaboration we prepared different 3D graphics projects, showing FLOWIAR products: views of devices, visualizations demonstrating their construction, views of cross sections and many other 3D visualizations and animations demonstrating the principles of operation of the client’s systems as well as their advantages.

Below there is an animation in the form of 3D graphics which shows some advantages of the innovative T-box driver solution for different ventilation devices for large-format office and storage facilities. The animation presents possibilities of combining different devices and controlling them from one place via one common T-box control panel. Below there are some static views from individual scenes from the animation.

cg interior vis

Graphic visualizations showing advantages of the T-box driver inside a storage hall and connections between various Flowair ventilation and heating devices.

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klatki HD1080_Igl

system starowania wentylacja wizualizacja 3d

The last scene from the advertising animation shows the T-box driver’s ability to handle a wide variety of ventilation facilities for buildings and large-format halls.

We developed an animation demonstrating the advantage of Flowair products over the traditional method of ventilation and heating of storage rooms. The film shows various solutions and products which allow to regulate room temperature. We present the principle of operation of products, their application and parameters.

wizualizacja przemyslowaThe warehouse from the bird’s eye view and a preview of a 3D graphic model of the room.

wizualizacja hali przemysłowej centrala nawiewowa

Presentation of the use of heating and ventilation devices at the place of their work.

Rather than organize expensive and time-consuming product photo sessions, the client opted for digital quality of product visualization and advertising animations. We created views of devices for catalogues and websites. We prepared views of individual Flowair products, including high resolution cross-sections that show the air flow through the inside of the device, and other graphics which demonstrate the look and construction of the products in detail. Below there are examples of device visualizations, cross-section views, presentation of the principle of operation and views at the place where the product works.

wizualizacja przemysłowa elementy zestawu urządzenia OXEN

Graphics showing components of an OXeN heat exchange unit.
Wizualizacja przemysłowa oxen widok automatyki

Visualization of OXeN automation and a preview of the graphic model before giving it the final surface materials, or textures.
wizualizacja przeplywu powietrza oxenGraphic presentation of OXeN operating principle, the view of the air flow through the device.

HVAC product cross section 3d visualizationGraphic visualization of the cross-section of the device used for ventilation of large-format storage halls.

HVAC product cross section 3d visualizationsiatkaView directly from the 3D graphics programme – a preview the object’s bodies before developing the final visualization.

technological cross section 3d visualization

Visualization of the cross-section of the device together with the display of the structure internal components.

grafika komputerowa 3dAir curtain used over gates and entrances to storage halls. Partial view of the graphic model grid and, on the left, a view of the final device developed in the form of 3D graphics visualization.

siatka wnetrzaPreview of graphics before adding surface materials and developing the final view of the air curtain ceiling assembly.

wnetrze elis BPresentation of the interiors showing the assembly of curtains over the suspended ceiling under the structural ceiling.

wizualizacja 3d flowair ELiS_CELiS C przekroj duza

The EliS C air curtain and visualization of the cross section of the device for publication in advertising materials.

termowizja destratyfikator test q1Graphic presentation of the operating principle of the destratificator, a device installed under the ceiling in storage halls. The destratificator directs warm air which gathers in the upper part of rooms back down, which improves heating performance of buildings. The graphic visualization schematically shows air temperature distribution with respect to the height of the interiors and destratification processes.