3D animation of Canpol Bottle

3d animated film. A promotional video featuring the benefits of the new Canpol anti-colic bottle for babies was shot in collaboration with a business friend, the Chillgroup’s film studio.

The Haberman bottle for babies is a revolutionary solution which allows to reduce the colic effect in babies. The bottle allows to feed the baby through a closed teat, and a specially designed construction ensures that a baby does not swallow air together with food, making it less likely to have colic.

For the purposes of the film we prepared a graphic model of the bottle, showing it from all sides and featuring all the elements which the bottle is made of.

animacje reklamowe 3d

szare elementy

A 3D animation of the bottle was made for the promotional film, showing it from every angle. The animated part of the film highlights the innovative solutions eliminating air bubbles in baby food.

animacje reklamowe , model 3d butelki dl aniemowląt